Gaining the first 100 reviews for your online business

In this article we will be discussing our methods of getting started with online reviews for your business.

Note: We will be mentioning our own review app – but should translate well to other platforms.

Online reviews over the past 10 years have become a necessity for both consumer and seller. We all look at product reviews on Amazon or check out Google Reviews to see what a businesses’ service is like before buying. The question is, how do we get started?

What services are available for collecting reviews about my business?


The most notable platform at the moment is Trustpilot. Since 2007, they have been collecting reviews for small to large businesses and gaining trust with verified reviews. Features include review collection, company responses, reporting, email invitations and unlimited review submissions.

Pricing for Trustpilot starts for free right up to Enterprise (£349+) per month.

You can view how Reviewdrop compare with Trustpilot here:

Google Reviews

Another popular review system is Google. Deeply integrating into Google’s own search system allow’s your business ratings to appear on the world’s most popular search engine. Most recently, Google have started feeding in 3rd party reviews into their ratings pop-up view. Features include review collection, company responses and reporting.

Pricing for Google Reviews is completely free but lacks many promotional/marketing features that other rating systems offer. focus on both product and business reviews. Features include Google seller ratings, review collections, competitor analysis and unlimited reviews.

Pricing for starts at £29 per month for eligible applicants.


Collect and display reviews visually with Reviewdrop’s widget that sits on the corner of your website. Reviews transition to capture customers attention. Customers can submit either text, image or video reviews and receive coupon codes on submission as a thank you. Features also include review collection, company responses, company profile, Instagram/Twitter testimonials, social media sharing and unlimited review submissions.

Pricing for Reviewdrop starts for free, right up to (£15) per month.

You can get started with Reviewdrop completely free for your first 5 reviews here:

How do we send reviews to customers?

Now you have a review system in place to collect reviews, you may be wondering were do we get started?


If you run an online store, the best method of collecting reviews is to send out an email newsletter via Mailchimp or Hubspot to previous customers.

Many e-commerce platforms such as Bigcommerce or Shopify allow you to export email lists of previous customers and import into Mailchimp for review collection.

Mailchimp is completely free for your first 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

Note: Please be aware of GDPR laws when sending emails to customers. Make use of privacy policy agreements on checkout.


If you operate a standard business/brochure type website the best method would be dependant on your clients service. Are you finding clients in person via word of mouth or via contact forms online? Making use of email campaigns will help increase your rating count either way if you have their email.

For service based companies – we have found sending a personal email to a client after work is complete is a very high converting tactic to gathering reviews.

Customer Incentive

When creating an email campaign, it might be worthwhile to offer an incentive or thank you for leaving feedback. With Reviewdrop, you are able to offer a coupon code the customer will only see after they submit a review. Not only will this help increase your rating count, but also allows the customer to use that coupon on your website for another sale; leading to increased conversion and trust.

You could also offer to send them a promotional gift as a thank you or feature them on your marketing campaigns. Food for thought… how valuable is a customer rating to your companies appearance?

Social Marketing

With social marketing, you have a wide audience to gather reviews about your business. People that have liked your page or follow you, will most likely be interested in your business and any visibility to your brand would be in their best intent. Reviewdrop offers ability to import Instagram or Twitter posts to show potential customers what previous have said. We think this is a fantastic feature unique to Reviewdrop, that helps strengthen your brand when you maybe don’t have many customer submitted reviews yet.

What’s worked for you?

This is just a small insight into gathering reviews. Over time we hope to expand this article based on feedback. We are interested to hear what’s worked with your business to help gather reviews. Did you have more success with social marketing or asking for testimonials via emails? Leave a comment below!

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